our method

transparent, fast-paced, results-oriented.

we’ll share our strategy with you — and we’ll explain it. we create Slack channels for easy, real time communication. 

reporting, tracking, metrics, projections; you name it — we’re thinking about it. 

you’ll have a Kanban board and project timelines for everything we do. 

our clients


“Can't say enough about Lantera Labs. Creative, quick, positive, enthusiastic, efficient. 10 stars.” 

— Linda Farqhuar

CEO, EntreDonovan

"Lantera Labs is very knowledgeable about how to integrate many different elements into a coherent marketing plan. Lantera Labs works very rapidly, is very communicative, and works easily with our business team.


We are working with them on developing an affiliate marketing campaign, and they have a large network of affiliates that we can work with. This is a huge benefit as it would have taken us a long time to develop these contacts. As a result we are launching the campaign after less than two weeks of consulting."

— Peter Pinchot

CEO, WholeForest


1657 west broad street, suite 206

richmond, va 23220

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